Moy Academy Coronavirus Update – March 12, 2020

Training in the Martial Arts teaches a person to proactively face our challenges and to be strategic in our planning. 

Our country and our community are at the cusp of a medical crisis due to the coronavirus (COVID-19).  I believe in getting good information/facts and learning from other people’s experience. 

On March 11, Dr. Ghebreyesus (Director-General of the World Health Organization) declared that COVID-19 is now considered a pandemic.  After consulting with various people in the medical field, it’s clear that the coronavirus problem is just beginning in our country.  We can look to what happened in China and Italy to see the pattern of this viral infection.  The first step is containment.  The next is to mitigate the impact of the virus within our communities and upon our health care system.  Within 2 – 3 weeks, what’s happening in Seattle will happen in Clark County.  We need to prepare for this inevitabiltiy.

Victoria and I are in the high-risk demographic for this virus.  She is 69 and has COPD and I’m on immune suppressant medication.  Additionally, there are many grandparents that watch classes or are at home with family.

Rather than wait for the virus to show up in Moy Academy, I’ve decided to put the school on sabbatical for one month beginning Monday, March 16.  We will reopen after spring break on Monday, April 13.  The March Tests/Promotions has been rescheduled to the week of April 29 – May 2.

If you’re on a yearly installment payment plan, you will be given time credit* at the end of your program.  Please mail your installment payment to the school address.  If you are laid off or having financial difficulties, we will gladly make payment arrangements.

Students that are paying month-to-month will be given class credit based on 8 classes per month.*

Please read this article:

Remember, as a member of the Moy Academy Community our mandate is to bring clarity out of chaos, encouragement to those in distress, and render assistance to those in need. Be a Difference-Maker in your spheres of influence.

I feel this is a pro-active, but necessary decision.  Together – we will weather this storm.
All the best,
Sifu Mark Moy

PS – Please text your name and number to 360-573-2367 to update your contact information.
PPS – Check for regular updates.
PPPS – I will be training at home and will post weekly training tips and goals for all students at

* Time/Class Credit will be based on a start date of Monday, March 16, 2020.

Please mail tuition payments to:
Moy Martial Arts. 
14407-E NE 13th Ave., Suite 122
Vancouver, WA