Dream Big Dreams

By Sifu Mark Moy  ©2013

“Hard pressed on my right, my center is yielding.  Impossible to maneuver.  Situation excellent, I am attacking!”   Ferdinand Foch

Call me a Realistic-Optimist.

That’s another way of saying that although I want to honestly see the world around me with unbiased eyes – I will continue to pursue my dreams expecting favorable outcomes.

I will not just-play-it-safe and be average.

I believe in living according to a “Vision of a Big Picture and Clear Purpose of Life.”  A specific end-in-mind that all my thoughts, choices and actions are taking me towards.

The world is full of pessimists that are quick to point out problems, both real and imagined.  They have a cynical view of the world, and live a defeated and half-hearted life.

Wars are not won by playing defense.

A strong defense is necessary.  It keeps the enemy from capitalizing on my foolish mistakes and easy targets, and allows me to recover faster when attacked.

But if all I do is block, escape and evade, the pressure of their attack will eventually overwhelm me.

When surrounded by negativity and faced with adversity, I need to maintain a strong mindset by keeping The Big Picture and Purpose in sight.  The “why and what” of who I am.

I choose…
To be pro-active.  To face my fears and take action.  To have fighting spirit.  To get back up when I’m knocked down.  To make sure that my power is tempered by integrity and self-control.  To be just, extend grace and seek reconciliation.  To stand up for myself and to protect others.

To use my strength to add value to my spheres of influence and be a

Yes, we are facing difficult times in the world, our nation and in our own lives.

Yet, I still choose to Dream Big Dreams because – I will not go gently into that good night (with thanks to Dylan Thomas).

Looking forward to an excellent year at Moy’s Academy!