Home Training Challenge

Dear Parents:
Each week I’ll be sending out a Kung Fu Video Class for your child/teens. It’ll take them about 15 – 20 minutes to do.

I’ll have a weekly drawing on Sunday for a $10 Amazon Gift Card.
Your child/teen may earn a ticket/entry in the drawing if they do the entire class and you take a picture or short video, then go to the school FaceBook Page
– Post the picture
– Check-in
– Tag it. Type @Mark Moy’s Kung-Fu & Tai-Chi Academy
[If you don’t want to post the picture/video to the FB general public, then go to the school FaceBook Group (this is a private group). If you’re not part of the group, click the Join Group button. https://www.facebook.com/groups/moykungfu/]

They may practice twice a day and up to four times per week; I’d suggest two days in a row, then one day off. This means they’ll get 8 tickets/entries into the weekly drawing.
Here’s a calendar you may print to track their progress.

PS – Parents,,, You’re welcome to practice with them as they train! It’ll be a good bonding experience. You will also receive a ticket/entry if you post your picture or video!

Moy Academy Home Training Challenge
> Watch this video first with your child/teen.
> Week 1 Training Video
> Week 2 Training Video