Self-Defense-Focused Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) for Teens and Adults



Classes are held at La Center Community Center.
(1000 E 4th St, La Center, WA 98629)
There is limited space available. Register now to reserve your spot.

New Student Training Special
4-Weeks of Classes (2 per week)
AND Training Uniform ($219 Value)
[Limited spots. Extra students will be placed on waiting list.]

4-Weeks of Classes (8) AND Uniform for $155 ($149 + PayPal Fee)


KAJUKENBO TUM PAI is a self-defense-focused Mixed Martial Art based on a solid foundation of Karate, Jiu-jitsu, Kung Fu, Boxing and Filipino Martial Arts.

Tum Pai is an efficient and powerful Martial Arts System that emphasizes instinctive movements, explosive techniques and realistic training scenarios.  It is purposely designed to enable a smaller individual to defend against a larger assailant,  by not opposing force with force, but by intercepting the attack, or by blending and merging with the force.

KAJUKENBO TUM PAI training includes learning how to defend and counter against a wide variety of attacks including strikes, tackles, attacks that go to the ground, weapons and multiple assailants.

All aspects of Defensive Tactics are taught including kick boxing, close quarter combat, chi sao, grappling, ground-fighting, weapons use and defense, joint locks and controls.

The curriculum (principles, technical mechanics and body skills) is based on fulfilling the following “Reality Checks”:
1- It must work against someone bigger than me.
2- It must work against multiple attackers.
3- It must give me the reflexes and skills that improves my ability to survive an ambush attack.


The curriculum is designed to gradually improve your overall health and will eventually strengthen your mind, body and focus to a peak level.  Students attain well-rounded physical fitness with better coordination, power, flexibility and endurance.  The mind and character are cultivated by developing awareness, confidence, concentration, respect, discipline and crisis management skills.

Training Curriculum includes:

> Pre-Contact de-escalation strategies and tactics
– How to recognize pre-attack cues and body language.
– How to maintain Safe Distance.
– How to advantageously position yourself when facing an attacker.

> Locks, controls and escorts
– How to apply joint locks, body manipulations and controls.
– How to use correct mechanical advantage, leverage and movement to control your opponent.
– How to break the attacker’s balance and position your strength against their weak line.

> Tactical Responses at long range, standing close-quarter-combat, and on the ground
– How to develop a “Defensive Shield” against strikes, and to escape from grabs and holds.
– How to defend against tackles and not get taken down.
– How to flow between ranges and positions.
– How to blend and merge with the attackers energy and use their momentum against them.
– How to control timing and distance to intercept the opponent’s attack.
– Kick boxing, soft sparring (Chi Sao), stand-up grappling, takedowns, throws and ground fighting.

> Striking and high-value Targeting
– How to throw Full-Force strikes.
– How to strike with accuracy and power.
– How to throw strikes in combinations for kick boxing, stand-up grappling and at ground-fighting range.

> Weapons
– Traditional weapons include staff, spear, broadsword, straight sword.
– Defensive tactics against edged (bladed) and impact weapons.
– How to use single and double batons (stick).

> High-stress Scenario Simulations
– How to maintain focus, accuracy and control while operating at high speed against actively resisting opponents.

> Strategies and tactics against Multiple Attackers
– How to “stack up” the attackers.
– How to use pressure points, limb and body manipulations to control the attackers.
– How to transition from one attacker to another by controlling the timing and distance.

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