Why I Teach Martial Arts

By Sifu Mark Moy

People often ask me why I teach Martial Arts.

I can honestly answer that it’s because I have personally experienced the physical, mental and emotional benefits of Martial Arts Training.

I’ve also seen these positive effects in other people.  Some of these benefits include increased mental alertness, coordination and physical power; the ability to maintain their composure under pressure, to better control their impulses and to express their emotions in a more positive manner.

I am convinced that if a student is sincere, focused and committed – they will gain life-long benefits from a good Martial Arts program.

Growing up, we’re all looking for answers.  What are the rules and how do I succeed?  Why are there unkind and unjust people, and how do I protect myself from them?

I believe that the achievement of real success in the world requires courage.

Courage to face our fears.  Courage to take the necessary risks to accomplish our goals.  Courage to stand up for what we believe in.  Courage to be honest and just – in spite of the behavior and conduct of the rest of the world.

I know that all of us in this school, in our own small ways, are improving our community – by improving ourselves.

Why do I teach?  Because I believe that together, we can truly make a positive impact in our community.