Martial Arts SUMMER CAMP Kids (ages 5-17)

4-week Bully-Proofing and Self Defense Classes for ages 5-8, 9-12, 13-17
>>> Salmon Creek Location Only <<<

Some Success Stories…
“From introverted, shy boy, marginal student in class, to leader in class and among his peers… and a straight A student!”

“Stresses the difference between fighting and defending yourself. Mark teaches in an understandable way and doesn’t make it boring.”

“Mark sets a good example of concern & discipline for kids in a very caring environment. I appreciate the values training along with the physical training the class provides.”

“From a 5 year old little bully to a very likable, well rounded 9 year old. Very happy with his progress.”

“If you’re looking for solid martial art instruction and unquestionable
character formation for children or adults, this is the place to go.”