Youth Belt Test Information

Parents – Please download and print the following documents for your child. The next belt test is in June!
We will hold Live Online Stripe Tests (black stripe) each month.
Live Online Stripe Test dates:
• Thursday, April 23
• Thursday, May 21
• Thursday, June 18

Youth Belt Test Goal Sheet (pdf)
– Youth Rank List (pdf)
– Picture of Colors of Youth Belts (jpg)

If your child was scheduled to test in March – AND – they attend two (2) Live Online Classes in per week from now until the June test…
– They will test in June for both belts—the March belt and the next belt above the belt they would have earned in March.

This double belt test applies to all SuperKids (5-8 year old’s), and to Kung Fu Kids testing for White/Yellow, Yellow, Yellow + 1 stripe, Yellow + 2 stripes.

Students that were scheduled to test for Yellow/Orange and above will test for the March belt rank (you’re on a 6 month schedule).

How to use the Belt Test Goal Sheet:
1— Color in your next Belt Goal. Please refer to the Youth Rank List and the Picture of Belts.
Contact Sifu Mark if you don’t know your next belt color. 360-573-2367
2— Color in the Black Stripes that you have now.
3—If you pass your Live Online Stripe Test, you may color in the next Black Stripe.
4– Parents – Please take a picture of your child’s Goal Sheet and email it to