Youth Belt Test

Parents – Please download and print the following documents for your child. The next belt test is in September!

Belt Test Name List:
SuperKids (5-8 year old) Test Name List (pdf)
Kung Fu Kid Test Name List (September 2020 | January 2021) (pdf)

Live Online Stripe Test dates for September Test:
The Black Stripe Test is a short term goal towards your child’s next belt goal.
• Thursday, July 30
• Thursday, August 27
• Monday, September 14

Click here to print the
Belt Test Goal Sheet (pdf).

How to use the Belt Test Goal Sheet:
1 – Attend 2 Online Classes per week. Make-up class videos are available online.
2 – Color in your next Belt Goal.  Refer to the Belt Test Name List and Pictures of Belt Colors. Contact Sifu Mark if you don’t know your next belt color.  360-573-2367
3 – Color in the Black Stripes that you have now.
4 – If you pass your Online Stripe Test, you may color in the next Black Stripe.
5 – Parents – Please take a picture of your child’s Goal Sheet and email it to or text to 360-573-2367.